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Get access to weekly online Yoga classes, a library of on-demand videos and be part of our exclusive HAPI Community. 

The practice of Yoga is a personal journey.


It is a practice of developing a deeper connection with ourselves so we may intuitively nurture and care for our health.


But adopting a consistent practice on your own can be challenging.

It’s hard to stay motivated in isolation.

We need support and accountability. To be amongst others who know what it’s like.

Hapi Yoga online is designed with this in mind: to encourage personal practice whilst growing with a community.


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AUD 95/month

Becoming a HAPI member offers the following benefits:

  • Pre- recorded videos to practice at your own time. Video content caters for different needs and health concerns ranging from beginner friendly to intermediate. You will be able to pick and choose your practice depending on your needs at the time.
  • Choose from 5 X LIVE weekly group Zoom classes. Practice together with personalised guidance and support. Replays are available.
  • Classes are curated around monthly themes focusing on different topics and practices in Yoga including postures, breathwork and meditation. Short videos will be uploaded weekly as a follow up to each theme.
  • An in-built private HAPI community to connect with other joyful practitioners. We share and discuss many things from Yoga to yummy recipes and love a good laugh! Not limited to being virtual, we catch up in Melbourne a few times a year over delicious home cooked meals. We have a great time together on and off our mats 

Book A Discovery Call

If you would like to sign up or find out more, please book a FREE 20 min discovery call with me so I can personally welcome you into our community. It’s also a great way for us to get to know each other and ensure you have the best start to your Yoga journey.

Upon signing up, you will automatically receive a 2-week free trial that you can cancel anytime if you feel HAPI Yoga is not the right fit for you.

Book my Discovery Call

"Shahrean is a gentle, caring and dedicated teacher. She tailors her class to suit your capabilities and is always sharing her vast knowledge of ways to improve your physical and mental health. Our Hapi yoga community have members since it’s inception (2010), which speaks for itself. Although we miss the face to face classes, Shahrean always finds time to incorporate enjoyable social gatherings to reconnect. Personally I feel I have gained a sense of gratitude, kindness and thoughtfulness in my life with regard to my physical and mental health. Our weekly practice which is a mixture of gentle stretches, postures, breathing and relaxation truly feels amazing especially knowing you have set a side that time for yourself free from other distractions."

- Avril

"Being a part of the HAPI community means you have a wonderful support network! And complete access to Shahrean, who herself has gathered such depth of knowledge through reading and her own yoga journey. Shahrean has always had this ability to touch on topics I may have been pondering on during the week, in her classes. She is also always open for a chat, if there’s anything I need further clarification on. Shahrean makes it easy for me to focus on self-care, and is always coming up with new ways to support our Yoga journey and to help keep us engaged!"

- Akhila