Transform Your Digestion, Balance Your Hormones, and Reclaim Your Energy in Just 6 Weeks with Ayurveda!  


Unlock your body's healing potential and feel vibrant again with my online coaching program.


Next group coaching starts August 2024. 

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Unlock your body's healing potential and start feeling vibrant again with my online coaching program.  

Program starts 30th April 2024. 

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Feeling 'off' despite your best efforts? You're not alone.


Have you tried various diets, exercise routines and supplements aiming to boost energy, alleviate gut issues and lose weight, yet.......

the relief you seek remains out of reach.

Or you may experience temporary relief, only to fade, leaving you back at square one.

You feel overwhelmed, drained, and confused by all the wellness trends out there.

You don’t have the time to cut through the noise and prioritise self-care that works for you. 

You start accepting perhaps hormonal imbalances, digestive woes, brain fog, fatigue, restless nights and the constant undercurrent of stress and anxiety are just part of life.  

Deep down, you know this isn't how things should be. There's a nagging feeling that something just doesn't feel right.

Listen to that inner voice. It's signaling a need for change, pointing towards a new path to wellness. 

Here's the thing: health doesn't follow a one-size-fits-all approach and it's certainly not a quick fix. Ayurveda recognizes this, teaching us that each individual is a unique blend of elements, each with their own distinct path to wellness. 

This is where the power of Ayurveda shines, in recognizing and celebrating differences, providing the guidance, support, and community needed to nurture lasting change. It's about more than just right practices; it's about finding the right practices for you.

How Can Ayurveda Be the Key to Your Wellness?

Ayurveda offers a holistic approach to health and wellness that emphasizes the importance of maintaining harmony between body. mind and spirit.

It is not enough to just eat 'clean' but not take time out to rest and slow down. 

Likewise, there is no exercising away binge eating or supplementing without making changes to your lifestyle. 

Ayurveda is a lifestyle medicine. 

Making simple changes that are based on your unique constitution, such as what and how you eat, exercise, getting rest and managing stress, will support the various systems in your body to work coherently. 

It is possible to live a balanced life through Ayurveda.

What's difficult is figuring out how to do it. 

And if you figure it out, how do you then make it sustainable?

My Ayurveda Coaching Program is designed to empower you to have clarity around your own health so you can take simple and sustainable actions toward harmony, joy and vibrant living. 

Hi, I'm your coach, Shahrean. 


Even though I grew up with Ayurveda as part of my culture, it wasn't until I developed my own health issues that I realised its transformative power. 

After going off the pill, my periods stopped for 7 months which caused me to develop anxiety and depression. I did an Ayurvedic treatment on my mother's advice, and within a month, my periods were back to normal, and I went on to have two gorgeous girls.

As a new mum on my own, my self care was non- existent. I suffered from post- natal depletion a few years later, which triggered insomnia and brain fog. That's when I dove deeper into the practice of Ayurveda. 

I discovered the importance of gut health and it's not so much what you eat but what you digest that matters. I also incorporated simple Ayurvedic practices that helped me nourish my body and mind from the inside out. Together with my Yoga practice and Ayurveda, my zest for life returned, and I never felt happier (well most of the time!).

I believe it is our inherent nature to be joyful and vibrant. It's simply a matter of understanding your own unique constitution and nurturing it the right way.

My hope is this coaching program offers you just that: a way back to your happy self!

What's included in the program?

  • Life audit & Dosha test to determine your unique constitution and any imbalances present.
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition on how to eat for your body type and the seasons to improve digestion and gut health. Start to notice improved sleep, balanced hormones, clear skin and clarity of mind.
  • 14 Day Gut Reset - this isn't just a diet plan; it's a revolution for your gut, designed to rejuvenate your digestion, enhance nutrient absorption, and optimize elimination. The best thing about this gut reset is you learn how to balance your blood sugar to reduce cravings and afternoon slumps! Through a meticulously crafted blend of meal plans and recipes, we make this journey easy, seamless, and yes, even enjoyable. 
  • Learn self-care techniques such as Abhyanga (self massage) to improve sleep, increase circulation, joint and muscle health.
  • Ayurvedic Psychology to understand the nature of our mind, our relationship with food and our environment. Learn techniques to support and improve mental health.
  • Discover the power of Dinacharya (daily routines) that will pave the way for you turn everything you have learnt in this program into a lifestyle habit. 
  • A fabulous community of women to offer support, accountability and laughter along the way!
  • BONUS: Learn a special breathing technique called Lobular Breathing to cleanse and energise your internal system. This is a breathwork my late grandfather learnt from spending time with Mystics and Yogis living in isolated and remote regions of the Himalayas.
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Please note:

This program is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix.

There are no 'hacks' here.

The goal is to create and sustain healthy lifelong habits. Be prepared to dig deep so you can be empowered to take care of your health on your terms. 

One thing is certain, you will have support, accountability and community every step of the way.  

Because TOGETHER, we can achieve so much more! 

A glimpse of the magic that can happen with support and accountability:

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I knew I wanted to do this with Shahrean as soon as I read the email! I was excited to do the gut reset. Little did I know all the other benefits that were part of the 8 weeks. Not only did it remind me it was time to change some habits that I had formed during lockdowns but made me pause and rethink what my body needs now at 48yo which is not the same as 25 or 35. Shahrean’s full approach to health is what we all need. It’s balanced. No promises and no threats. Self paced but always encouraging you to move forward. Our group was inspiring, honest and funny. This was a highlight for me. A group where no one was guilted or shamed. Simply supportive of each other whether high or low. It isn’t easy and I wasn’t perfect throughout the 8 weeks but it has definitely changed my mind that healthier routines are achievable and can be maintained for mind and body. 



The Ayurveda Program surpassed my expectations in every way. My primary motivation for joining the program was to gain a deeper understanding of my gut, and I can confidently say that this program has provided me with invaluable knowledge. Shahrean's support throughout was nothing short of phenomenal. Her profound expertise in ancient Ayurveda concepts is truly commendable. Exiting this excellent program, I now possess a robust understanding of what suits my gut, and I've cultivated positive habits that will benefit me for a lifetime. Remarkably, I've also experienced a surprising drop in weight, and I am successfully maintaining it—a delightful "side-effect" of nourishing my gut. I am committed to continuing the fantastic practices Sharean has shared with me, and I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone seeking to experience these wonderful benefits. Shahrean's expertise, coupled with the transformative nature of the Ayurveda Program, has undoubtedly made a positive impact on my well-being.

- Vidhya

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Early Bird Price Starts 2 July 2024 (Full Price $650)

  • 6 week Ayurveda Coaching Course. 
  • 6 Group coaching call via Zoom (once a week). Replays included. 
  • Lifetime access to coaching content and resources. 
  • Private Community Group for support and accountability. 
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2 X $300

Early Bird Price Starts 2 July2024 (Full Price $700)

  • 6 week Ayurveda Coaching Course. 
  • 6 Group coaching call via Zoom (once a week). Replays included. 
  • Lifetime access to coaching content and resources. 
  • Private Community Group for support and accountability. 
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