Welcome to HAPI Yoga. An online community offering Yoga and Ayurvedic practices to bring joy and ease into your daily life. 

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Think of HAPI Yoga online as your happy place with a playful community of like-minded folks that are keen to practice, grow and slow down. 


Our wellbeing journey can often feel overwhelming and isolating. There’s so much information out there and it’s hard to know which is ‘right’ for you and what will work.

We believe there is a better and fun way to approach this; do it with a COMMUNITY. Whilst Yoga and Ayurveda offer amazing benefits, it’s our community that gets us inspired and motivated.

We are here for the long haul because taking care of your health is not just a one off 14 or 30-day program, it requires daily action!

It’s a lifestyle.

Joining our inner circle means we have your back for support and accountability.

Because TOGETHER, we are HAPPIER!

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8-week wellness coaching program based on the principles of Ayurveda.

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Explore articles and simple practices on the Blog to help you feel Happy, take Action and live with Purpose & Intention.Ā 


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Nice to meet you.

I am Shahrean, a third generation Yoga practitioner with a desire to create happy, connected and thriving communities.

Whilst still deeply rooted in all the wisdom of this ancient practice, HAPI Yoga was born out of my own personal quest for happiness and connection in the modern world.

I imagine a life where we wake up feeling grateful and inspired, we go through our day with composure and can handle the challenges that come our way, we are compassionate and connected to ourselves and others, we are living a life of purpose and we are truly HAPPY! We understand life ebbs and flows, yet it's not about WHAT happens to us, but HOW we REACT that matters. 

With my background in Psychology and 15 years of teaching, HAPI Yoga is my way of helping you connect back with yourself and discover the joy that was there all along.

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Let's get to know each other with a FREE 20 min discovery session. This is an opportunity to ask any questions and discuss your health concerns before getting started on your Yoga and/or Ayurveda journey.


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"I have been attending yoga over 8 years and I am not the type to stick to practices or anything consistently.

Yoga has taught me valuable life lessons to improve my mind, body and soul; so it’s a full package of lessons. It definitely makes you feel HAPI when you are done and it’s like a weekly catch up with friends.

Our yoga teacher Shahrean lives & breathes yoga and her knowledge of inner health to help this beautiful community better their health is a blessing. Thank you!"


- Vicki

"I’d only been attending Hapi Yoga face to face a short time before lockdowns began but I was already impressed with Shahrean’s passion for yoga and I decided to continue online.

Shahrean’s genuine concern for the well being of her students was paramount. Always expressing her availability to help her students whether it be at end of a class or a gentle direct message offering her support. But it’s not just all online. Shahrean’s energy spills into real life as she continues to build on the yoga community she has created and friendships already made by holding outdoor classes and social activities. I look forward to many years of learning and laughter with Shahrean at Hapi Yoga."

- Renee

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