Hi there, I’m Shahrean


I’m a third generation Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach based in Melbourne, Australia.


I am passionate about spreading the joy of Yoga and inspiring daily practice through my online Yoga classes and coaching program.  

My Story


My Yoga journey started at the age of 3. I was fortunate to be born into a family of Yoga practitioners and everything I learnt was under the guidance of my late grandfather and mother. From the time I can remember, I had always loved practicing Yoga and looked forward to the early morning sessions with my mother before going to school. There was something about that time on my mat that just made me happy!


Pictured: My grandfather practicing Yoga

And then I grew up and did all the grown-up things that I thought would bring me joy and fulfillment. I hardly practiced Yoga during those times, life got serious and just like everyone else, I believed that the more I have and achieved, the happier I would be. I was constantly seeking external validations and became increasingly disconnected with myself. This pursuit for happiness somehow ended up with me feeling like I was stuck in a rut: unhappy and unfulfilled no matter what I had or did. 

It wasn’t until I finished university and took a short break, that I revisited my Yoga practice. I spent time in my mother’s classes and immersed myself in my late grandfather’s notes (which was all I had left by the time I took my practice seriously). As I read, observed and practiced, I felt a renewed sense of joy, calm and peace that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I found this really intriguing as I just completed my degree in Psychology and yet I had learnt more about the nature of the mind and happiness through Yoga. 

It's not uncommon for most of us to think that the bulk of Yoga is made up of physical postures sprinkled with some relaxation, breathing or meditation at the end. But Yoga is much more than that. It is a systematic discipline that helps us reconnect with ourselves, so we can find balance and harmony within. It is especially relevant today where life has become increasingly fast paced, stressful and disconnected.

Armed with my new-found knowledge and my background in Psychology, I set out on a mission to help others on their own journey of self-discovery through Yoga. I realised that what we needed more than ever right now is CONNECTION. How can we be happy and live a life of purpose, when we don’t feel a sense of belonging within ourselves and around us?

HAPI yoga was born out of my own personal quest for happiness and connection. It’s not a particular style of Yoga that I have created and is still deeply rooted in all the wisdom of this ancient practice. It is a simplified and practical approach to the practice of Yoga, making it more accessible and effective in helping us transform our lives and be happy. 

Which brings me to why HAPI Yoga.  

I imagine a world where we wake up feeling grateful and inspired, we go through our day with composure and are able to handle the challenges that come our way, we are compassionate and connected to ourselves and others, we are living a life of purpose and we are truly HAPPY! We understand that life has its ebbs and flows and it’s not so much about WHAT happens to us, but it’s HOW we REACT that matters.

We are the CALM within the CHAOS.


All this with a community that supports, nurtures and has your back.


Because TOGETHER, we are HAPPIER!